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Guided Waterfowl Hunt Packages

Prepare for an unforgettable guided waterfowl hunting experience with West Texas Safaris, the premier outfitter for West Texas Waterfowl Hunts. Located in the stunning landscapes of Lubbock, TX, our experienced guides will take you to prime waterfowl hunting locations. From strategically positioned blinds to realistic decoy spreads, we ensure an immersive and successful hunt. Whether you’re targeting ducks or geese, our guides’ extensive knowledge of waterfowl behavior and calling techniques will maximize your chances of a thrilling hunt. Witness the sight of flocks descending from the sky, experience heart-pounding moments as birds approach, and revel in the satisfaction of a well-placed shot. At West Texas Safaris, we are dedicated to delivering a premier waterfowl hunting experience that blends the beauty of the outdoors with the excitement of waterfowl hunting.

Guided Waterfowl Hunts

$325 Per Hunter Per Day

Hunt Package Info:
  • Ducks Regular Season: Oct. 29-30 & Nov. 4 – Jan. 29 Light & Dark
  • GeeseRegular Season: Nov 5 , 2023 – Feb 5, 2024
  • Guided hunting around Lubbock area
  • All hunts are guided by our experts
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